Resources for Producing Beats / Beginner

As a lady making jams for over 10 years, it’s taken many googles, youtube watches, conversations, dj-ing workshops, courses, and concert goings to shape my tastes and knowledge of home music production. A lot of my other friends always ask me tips & advice on getting started, so here are some simple steps to begin your new hobby below.

  1. Program

→ you can download a Free Trial, but you won’t be able to save your work — I would just buy it if you want to start making music!

  • Lessons

→ there are great resources out there for just understanding the basics of music making… here are a few topics to get you started

  1. Intro to making beats

2. Gear

  • computer (with speakers or external speakers or headphones) + MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) controller, yourself!

→ a program contains the sounds, the midi controller (eg a keyboard or pad controller is what controls the sounds

→ some great brands to buy from are Novation, Akai, or Native Instruments and some starter ideas of what to buy now are below

→ a good MIDI controller to get is something with keys so you know what notes you’re playing, pads (for making drum beats), and knobs (for controlling sound effects)

  1. Novation Keyboard / Pad MIDI Controller

3. Sound Inspiration

  • when making music you either have to buy sounds or songs from artists to use in your own music or you can download “royalty” free sounds

→ below are a few website I go to as resources for music/sound inspiration

  1. Looperman

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