UX Designer — Thoughts on design, poetic computation, music theory, & beyond. SF. www.katrinaallick.com // @katrinaallick

Shazam UX Redesign Concept // General Assembly UXDI Program

“Our mission is to help people recognize and engage with the world around them” — Shazam’s mission statement

What makes music discovery super? Shazam, the leading song discovery app since 1998 (yes…1998), has been a loyal tool for many music lovers, but since the rise of top discovery apps such…

This whole “google cleanse” has me thinking about everything I associate with my “world,” which is predominately internet-related things… we live in bubbles, everywhere, open abysses that we shout into as a cathartic way of processing the events around us. Trump became president because he manipulated the media, he manipulated…

Katrina Allick

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